When Can You Go All In?

Imagine what it feels like to “Go all in,” and finally realize that it was the best decision. It’s the most ecstatic feeling! Playing ‘all in poker’ can make you take home your 1 year salary in one day; it can also make you lose big, so it’s a two-way thing. Almost every player anticipates that moment of winning a jackpot, they yearn for that point where they can take that one risky decision that can land them in paradise.

Should you go all in

Going all in is not for beginners

Before you get to the point where you “Go all in,” you must first learn how not to go all-in. Going all in is not for beginners, except for beginners who don’t mind going to a coma. “Going all in in poker” can either make or mar a player. Some players have hit rock-bottom for the simple desire of winning a jackpot, and losing is not a favorable experience for anyone, it can cause a cardiac attack or some heart problem. So, we advise players not to attempt this trick until they are experienced. It’s a trick that is accompanied by uncontrollable tension and pressure.

General rules when a player should go all in

You don’t want to get to that point where you regret your actions, so we’ve mapped out the basic all in poker rules that will help sharpen your skill.

  1. If you figure that the opponents are experienced more than you, then apply caution and only go all in when you are 90% certain that you will win. Because one tenet of good playing is having the ability to stay in control, when dealing with experienced opponents, they will likely read your actions and predict them even before you do them.
  2. Avoid going all-in when you are frustrated, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing with a short stack.
    When on a one-on-one face-off, a low pair or high pair is of lesser value especially when your opponent has a higher pair.
  3. The aim of going all-in is to trap your opponent. When it feels right to call the shot, do it, and don’t be afraid. An all-in call can unsettle your opponent and infuse pressure on him.
  4. When it feels like your opponent has a great advantage over you, calling an all-in can become a very powerful bluff that can weaken your opponent.
  5. Don’t just call an all-in, except in a balanced strategy; don’t call that shot when you are predictable. Being predictable will only make your opponent read you. So do not abuse going poker all in. When you use the all-in in an unbalanced strategy, your opponent will find the opportunity to use your move against you and win.

There will always be that time where someone goes all in. So it’s inevitable, so it’s worthwhile understanding all in poker rules.

When is the right time for all in

Players often walk about with the curiosity of “when can you go all in in poker?”. Going all in is a thing of the mind, you have to visualize the game in your head, know how your opponent thinks – this will give you an idea of their experience level.

Mastering the act of prediction

The number one rule for “going poker all in” is mastering the act of prediction – Like predicting the moves of other players. And when playing with an Aggressive player, chances are the player won’t want to back down, and that’s a great thing because as an experienced player, you can use it against it. So take the shot and claim his chips before another opponent.


You can also use the strategy of Going poker all in as a bluffing tool –this is usually effective, especially when playing with the right cards, and with an opponent who is often afraid of taking risks.

Frustration of your competitors

Making a move to go all-in is like stopping time. It destabilizes your opponents and stops them from hanging on till they can get the card they are looking for. This puts you on a vantage point. When you notice such frustration in the face of opponents, don’t hesitate, just strike.

Your chips on the table are running out

There will always be that moment of losing out your stack of chips. This happens to every player. When you see that this moment will be soon the situation will push you to go all in. It is better if you have a good hand at this time.


Online poker games can be a bit tricky; you need to be in the perfect mental state to secure your winning chances. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs before playing poker is an unwise thing to do. This aspect of the game requires a sedated and stable mind, when your mental state is distorted, you can make unwise decisions.
Most of these games are opened 24/7 but you will have to figure out when you can go all in in poker. We recommend you play this game during the evening or night hours, the calmness of the night will help you make a better decision, and interestingly, most jackpot slots offer 24 hours high payout throughout.

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