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Slots are recognised for giving new members some kind of incentive, to welcome them and whet their appetite, keeping their anticipations up, so as to keep them on the game for the long haul. Signing up for online slots even increases your chances of having special offers thrown at you, and choosing which option to go for can be a little overwhelming. On this page, we have compiled a list of best slot bonuses you can choose from, all for you.

What to Expect From a Slots Casino Bonus

Slot bonus is exactly what it is, there is so much you can accomplish with slot or welcome bonus –it gives you the chance to spin the reels in slot games a particular number of times all for free. You also get to take home real prizes at the end of the day. And more importantly, slots casino bonus allows you to play your favourite game, win real money, without risking your hard-earned money.  

Top Australian Casino Sites with Welcome Slot Bonuses

Majority of Australia based pokies offer welcome bonuses as well, below is a comprehensive list of some top Australian Casinos that give out reasonable welcome slot bonuses.

(here we will add a list of casinos)

How we Review the Best welcome Slots Bonus Casino Sites

Our reviews speak differently than some casino reviews you will find on the internet, the reason is because we do things a little differently than other casino reviewers. We don’t just want to display some generic reviews or make things up for people to see. Instead we look further and deeper, etching out details that most reviewers overlook.

To achieve this, we set up a passionate team that are given the responsibility of looking into different sections of online casinos. This team’s responsibility is solely on slots bonuses, our team are not just some crew of random individuals, they are well-trained, hand-picked individuals who are unbiased and have pledged to offer the best impartial advice that we can trust with our reputation.

This team is made up of game developers, casino media, game players etc – this collection of people enables us to deliver a diversified perspective that our readers can resonate with, rather than just lending a single view point. The collective ideas of our team also enable us to coordinate research, findings and to deliver much greater details.

First, we ensure that relevant information from the terms and condition section of the casino are related back to our readers in the most comprehensive manner. When we rewrite these terms in a clearer and transparent style, they become very easy to assimilate and to apply. We use this same style to elaborate on the wagering requirement conditions, yet highlighting on the bonus time frames, amount required to clear bonus, time limit etc. We also direct our readers to get money in and out of the casino, because this is the area most players find difficult, and we wrap things up with a note encouraging our readers to stay connected with us for new updates.

Types of sign Up Slot Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are bonuses given to players to welcome them to the casino. This is one of the easiest and most common kinds of casino bonus.

Free Spins Bonuses

This bonus can be called free spins, super spins, extra spins, but they all mean the same thing. This is most likely a reward a player gets for making a deposit. A player can get quite a few free spins, but you can only be allowed to use these spins to play certain games, and some of them come with time restrictions.

Deposit Bonus

In this kind of bonus, the casino usually matches your deposit amount up to a particular amount. New, old and returning customers are eligible for this bonus, but the higher ones usually go to the new customers.

Online Slots No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is automatically credited to you once you register an account with a casino, and you don’t need to make any deposit to qualify for the bonus. But don’t get too excited, these kinds of bonuses are usually difficult to clear, they are ideal for players who just want to sample a new casino without making any financial commitment.

Special Offers on Slots

Promotion offers in casinos have expanded, casinos special offers now range from extra prizes, slots tournaments, and prizes like cash, gadgets, cars and more are awarded to players.    This special offer gives players the opportunity to play for free but for real money.

Cashback Slot Bonuses

A casino can so generously refund some funds back to you based on how much you play and the amount of money you have spent, this kind of bonus is called cashback slot bonus. Not all casinos promote this kind of bonus, but a few of them still do, if you are lucky to come across one then please hold them tight.

 Reload Slots Bonuses

Reload slot bonuses offer player claims after they have claimed their welcome bonus, so this bonus is ideally for existing players, and it is given when you make your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even up to your 5th deposit. 

About Terms and Conditions

The terms and Conditions is the first thing to consider before taking any further action on an online casino platform. This is because the terms and conditions contain documents of player’s requirements and guides, including bonus requirements, which are highly essential for the gameplay.  The documents are not hard to get, and they are very easy to decipher. The T’s and C’s page must be used to decipher and figure out things like the wagering requirement, payment method restriction, eligibility requirements, RTP, etc of the bonus. This will help place you on the right course while playing, and help you make every time you spend on the game count, as opposed to exhausting so much of your time and getting nothing at the end of the day.

Slot Bonus Wagering Requirement

All free spins are accompanied by some associated wagering requirements, we’ve emphasized this fact a number of times but they are worth repeating.  The reason the wagering term exists in every bonus, is simply to place a control on the bonus to avoid abuse. New Players have the potential of disappearing with the money given to them without even trying out a game.

Online Casinos might be happy to offer users bonus offers, but they also want to see their players work for their money. 

Let’s get a bit practical, if you are awarded an offer at 30x your bonus, it implies that when you get a bonus of , let’s say £100, you’d need a £3,000 worth of wagers to cash out that bonus,  that’s(30 x £100 =£3,000 ).

Similarly, you don’t just jump into any game, you will have to verify the game options they have provided for you, that can enable you to clear the bonuses. Another thing to consider is how to withdraw your winnings, and the time it takes to complete the withdrawal process, and not forgetting the maximum stake to place toward clearing the bonus.

Once you understand these factors, you won’t have any issues accumulating some good cash out of casino games.

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