Countries where online casinos are legal in 2021

Online gambling is a practice that has taken the world by surprise. People who knew nothing about gambling have now become experts in online gambling and have built for themselves fortunes through this internet game. Online gambling became popular online through ads – adverts about gambling are distributed all over the internet and they would always pop up when you start surfing and navigating through internet platforms. However, it is important to note that online gambling is restricted in so many countries across the globe, and also allowed in some countries. To help you enjoy this gambling game without the feeling of violating any law, we’ve sorted out countries where online gambling is legal in 2021.  

Countries where online casinos are legal

Online gambling availability in the World 2021

Under the European belt, online casinos are legal in Bosnia, Iceland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Serbia, Herzegovina, and Slovakia. But in some countries like Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Austria, and Belgium, online gambling is rather regulated by licensed regulators. In Australia, online gambling is legalized. But overseas gambling sites are all prohibited in New Zealand. Most countries in Asia allow online gambling. Gambling is legalized in Japan, Kazakstan, and the Philippines. But, gambling is only allowed in two states in India (Sikkim and Goa).

In Africa, countries like Algeria, South Africa, and Morocco authorize gambling for their citizens. However, North American is like the epicenter of gambling exercise, gambling is not only allowed there but they are played in every region of the country. 

Here are the available online gambling legal countries, although some countries are likely to modify their laws or invent new laws in the future.

International gambling regulation

The online gambling industry is regulated for so many reasons, this is particularly because gambling is a game of chance, and accompanied with a huge risk –where players entrust their money to third parties they don’t know in hope of winning big prizes. 

Regulation helps secure the funds of players. IT also helps to guarantee the authenticity of gambling sites. Regulatory bodies also monitor gambling sites to ensure that they are operated ethically. Online players often find themselves misled by fake sites, and the money they invest in these sites is stolen and never recovered. This has inspired the idea of regulating online gaming sites, to ensure the protection of users, and ensure that they are treated fairly. If all the gambling sites comply with these regulations, the internet would be a much safer place for betters and players to operate on. 

Currently, there are so many rogue sites all over the internet claiming to be genuine, players should ensure that they choose gambling sites that are regulated by the government in their country. 

The big question is, are there online gambling international laws?

There is no global legal or regulatory unit that monitors online gambling sites in all the countries of the world, but certain internationally recognized countries have designed laws that allow them to monitor and regulate online gambling sites that operate within their country. In this regard, gambling sites are allowed to fix themselves under laws that work for them. This has also helped to minimize the number of rogue sites on the internet.

For instance, in America, there are two types of online gambling legislation; The first one is operated at the federal level while the other is operated at the state level. The legislation at the federal level regulates gambling activities from the federal level, while the state legislation focuses on gambling sites operating in the relevant state. In countries where these legislations exist, companies operating gambling sites must have a full legal permit/legal backing.

In the European Union, for instance, companies operating gambling sites must meet the requirements of the EU laws, before they can be allowed to operate. It’s okay to assume that foreign operators are relieved of tax payment (to the local treasury), amazingly, under the EU legal requirement for gambling site operators, a local gaming license and tax payment must be acknowledged in the local budget. This law strictly applies in countries like Germany, Italy, France, etc.

Some countries have not shown any interest in regulating gambling sites under their region, but because they consent to the abuse of gambling, but because they lack the technological power and resources to put such a system in place. 


Online gambling is a fun sport, and it creates the opportunity for entertainment and money-making. Some players are utilizing these sites for their daily income. Stopping such exercise will raise panic; the best way to support gambling lovers is by instilling laws and regulations that will keep the site operators in check. It will also make investors and players feel comfortable using the site. Is gambling legal in your country? There are so many countries where gambling is legal, so check our list to confirm if your country is included among the gambling legalized countries. 

Before enrolling in any online gambling site, take the time to check if the sites are under and law or whether they are being controlled by any regulatory body. Once you have confirmed this, then go straight ahead and enroll with them. Gambling sites that are authorized or licensed are safe gambling zones. But bear in mind that these legislations can change with time, possibly, the article might be outdated by the time you will have read this, so please always double-check on Google or other search engines to validate the laws here. 

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